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For many, relocating to Cyprus brings a set of challenges, with insurance being pivotal. Below, we delve into Ydrogios Insurance, a front-runner in the Cyprus insurance domain. From its inception to the extensive services it provides, we encapsulate all you need to know.

Company Background

Inception and Growth

Ydrogios Insurance Company in Cyprus began operations in July 2002, obtaining its license by March 2003. Since then, it has carved an undeniable niche in Cyprus’ insurance landscape.

With over 60 dedicated employees and a network of more than 100 professional intermediaries, they ensure vast coverage across Cyprus. Their six offices are a testament to their expansive reach and commitment to their clientele.

Business Philosophy

Predicated on an individualistic approach, Ydrogios accentuates transparency, loyalty, and long-term collaboration. Tailoring insurance packages according to each client’s unique needs has been their cornerstone.

Aspiring for “excellence with no compromise,” they adhere strictly to values that resonate with solvency, reliability, and customer-centricity. These principles have steered them towards immense respect in the Cypriot insurance world.

Mission and Vision

Their mission crystalizes around providing reliable, high-quality insurance solutions that resonate with contemporary demands. Ydrogios envisions contributing meaningfully to the long-term prosperity of individuals and entrepreneurs.

With a modern dealer network operating throughout Cyprus, they are always within their customer’s reach, emphasizing premium service.

Ydrogios Insurance Principles and Values

Insurance Products for Individuals

Trusted by many, Ydrogios Insurance stands out for its solvency, transparency, and unwavering commitment. They offer a diverse range of insurance products crafted for the modern individual’s necessities. This includes:

Insurance ProductKey Features
Motor VehiclesComprehensive coverage, third-party liability, accident benefits.
PropertyProtection against theft, damage, and natural calamities.
Housing ConstructionCovers damages during construction, contractor liabilities.
Public Liability InsuranceProtection against claims resulting from injuries and property damage.
House Keeper InsuranceCoverage against potential liabilities from house help.
Accident and HealthCoverage for trip cancellations, medical emergencies, and baggage loss.
TravelCovers damages during construction, and contractor liabilities.
YachtComprehensive protection for yachts against damage, theft, and more.
Table 1: Ydrogios Individual Insurance Products

Ydrogios not only provides insurance but also gives individuals peace of mind, as it shields them against unexpected setbacks.

Insurance Products for Businesses

Every business, regardless of its size or sector, seeks protection against unforeseen challenges. Ydrogios, comprehending this, has devised a plethora of products tailored to address business-centric needs.

Insurance ProductKey Benefits
Motor VehiclesFleet coverage, liability protection.
PropertyCoverage against business property damages, theft.
C.A.R.Protection during major construction projects.
Jewellers Block InsuranceCustomized for gem and jewelry businesses.
Specialized Insurance ProductsTailored for unique business needs.
Public LiabilityCoverage against public-related claims.
Employer’s LiabilityProtection against employee-related claims.
Professional IndemnityCoverage for professional service errors.
Medical MalpracticeFor healthcare professionals against service-related claims.
TravelBusiness trip related coverages.
Accident and HealthEmployee benefits and coverage.
YachtBusiness yacht protection.
Marine InsuranceCoverage for goods in transit, marine liabilities.
Table 2: Ydrogios Business Insurance Products

The Contractors All Risk Insurance is not just about safeguarding projects but also about ensuring project continuity. The Jewellers Block Insurance resonates with the sparkle and risk of the jewellery business. Specialized sectors demand nuanced attention; evident in their offerings like Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy and Medical Malpractice. It’s not just about insuring; it’s about ensuring businesses thrive without hiccups.

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Contact for a free consultation with a trusted insurance agent and receive a free quote for your insurance. Our goal is to make the process as smooth and comfortable as possible for you.


To sum up, we’ve charted the journey of Ydrogios Insurance and its indelible mark on the Cyprus insurance landscape. With products tailored for both individuals and businesses, they’ve showcased adaptability and customer-centricity. For those seeking reliable insurance services in Cyprus, Ydrogios Insurance emerges as an unmissable contender. Remember, the right insurance partner can make your Cyprus transition seamless.