My relocation story

from 🇫🇷 to 🇨🇾

“In 2021, I moved from France to Cyprus…

During this phase, I experienced firsthand the challenges faced by expats: What are the steps? What documents are required? Which law firm can I really trust? etc.

After some bumps in my relocation, I decided to help expats moving to Cyprus by creating a relocation agency (

To achieve this goal, I spent hours creating the most efficient relocation process possible and partnering with trusted partners (accountants, lawyers, insurance and real estate agents) to create my relocation dream team!

I am now proud to make these resources available to you and to help you and your family relocate to Cyprus  safely and efficiently.

So if you are thinking relocating to Cyprus, get in touch with me and let’s discuss your amazing project!

During my last years in Cyprus, I got the chance to discover a unique culture, welcoming locals and a vibrant community of entrepreneurs. 

Between hiking, chilling at the beach, and having coffee with Cypriot (I advise trying the Freddo Espresso), I found in Cyprus the balanced life that I was looking for: family, friends, business, and sun”.

Marc-Antoine Thiriat