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Cyprus, a breathtaking Mediterranean jewel, often attracts those seeking both business and leisure. For many, settling in this beautiful country means looking into various essential services, with insurance topping the list. Introducing Universal Life Insurance, a trusted company serving locals and expats in Cyprus for many years. Below we provide an overview of Universal Life Insurance and the plethora of services they offer.

Universal Life Insurance

Company Background

Incorporated in 1970 by leading Cypriot businessmen, Universal Life Insurance heralded a new era in Cyprus’s insurance sector. Post the local insurance legislation’s enactment, they were the pioneers in bringing innovative insurance concepts to the forefront. Today, they stand tall as a part of the esteemed Photos Photiades Group.

Universal Life is a top life insurance company in Cyprus known for its strong roots and dedication to quality. Notably, recent years have seen them crowned as the most reliable and trusted company in the Life Insurance Sector. Their vast network of trained insurance agents ensures their reach and efficiency throughout the island.

The company’s ethos revolves around its vision: to innovate and invest, aiming to dominate the Cyprus insurance service market. They live by their mission to improve lives by acting as a trusted partner, valuing transparency and customer centrality. Their core values encompass reliability, integrity, professionalism, and social responsibility.

Insurance Products for Individuals


Life insurance ensures that your family’s future remains secure even in unforeseen circumstances. Given the unpredictable nature of life, this safety net is indispensable for any family’s financial planning.

Universal Life Insurance offers a range of products tailored to various needs:

  • Flexible Term Life: Low-cost coverage for your family. Best for those seeking affordable, simple protection.
  • Life Protector: Triple coverage in one package. Ideal for comprehensive family coverage.
  • UniCapital: Merging insurance with saving and investment. Tailored for long-term savings and insurance in one.
  • UniLife: Provides lifetime protection for all family members. Most suitable for lifelong coverage needs.
  • UniLady: Designed especially for modern women, it offers a unique blend of benefits.


In today’s world, health-related emergencies can burn a hole in your pocket. That’s where health insurance steps in, offering both peace of mind and financial security.

Universal Life, in association with AXA-Global Health Care, brings the MultiCare International Health Plan:

Plan Option Maximum Cover (€) Designed For
Premiere Plus 3,000,000 per person Those seeking maximum coverage.
Value Plus 200,000 per person Comprehensive coverage without exceeding budget constraints.
SmartStart 100,000 per annum Younger generations requiring ample but not extensive coverage.
StudentCare 100,000 per annum Students in Cyprus and abroad needing health protection.
Table 1: Overview of MultiCare International Health Plan Options


The golden years of one’s life should be replete with relaxation, comfort, and freedom from financial anxieties. A comfortable retirement is something we all aspire to. With increasing life expectancies and fluctuating economic scenarios, pension plans have become vital.

Universal Life’s Pension Products:

  • UniPension: Ideal for forward-thinking individuals.
  • Life Income: A plan guaranteeing fixed income for life.

Insurance Products for Businesses


  • Universal Life Insurance’s Group Life scheme underpins the business principle of valuing human capital. Designed to protect the financial interests of employees’ families in unforeseen circumstances, this product promotes loyalty and job satisfaction.
  • UniPlan ventures beyond conventional insurance. This solution offers life coverage and includes an investment element. It is a useful financial tool for organizations that want to provide a complete benefit to their employees.
Insurance Scheme Description Best For
Group Life Complete protection in case of loss of life or disablement. Businesses prioritizing employee welfare.
UniPlan Combines insurance cover with capital growth through saving. Companies focused on long-term employee benefits.
Table 2: Group Life Insurance Schemes for Businesses


  • Group MultiCare: Universal Life Insurance’s flagship health product, ensures that organizations can provide quality healthcare benefits to their teams. This health plan is the market’s best-seller, attesting to its efficacy and comprehensive coverage.
  • Group Medical: on the other hand, focuses on cost-effective strategies for businesses to reimburse medical expenses. This plan caters to firms that prioritize essential healthcare coverage for their employees.

Pension Plans for Businesses

Economic instabilities and limited social security measures highlight the importance of employer-provided pension schemes. Universal Life offers businesses a chance to help their employees maintain a consistent lifestyle post-retirement.

  • PensionPLUS: is a testament to Universal Life Insurance’s dedication to innovation. Companies can encourage employees to envision a comfortable retirement with this plan, which seamlessly amalgamates systematic savings and investment.
Characteristic PensionPLUS
Objective Steady income during retirement
Investment Options Diverse, ranging from conservative to aggressive
Flexibility Options to adjust based on company’s needs
Payout Options Lump sum or annuity payments
Contribution Both employer and employee contributions possible
Table 3: Group Pension Plan Characteristics

With these offerings from Universal Life Insurance, businesses in Cyprus can seamlessly integrate financial protection into their benefits package. This ensures they remain an employer of choice in the competitive market landscape.

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Choosing the right insurance company can be a daunting task, especially in a foreign land. However, Universal Life Insurance assures individuals of reliability, expertise, and comprehensive coverage. Whether you’re an individual or a business, their range of products meets all your insurance needs seamlessly.