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Relocating or setting up a business in Cyprus demands a reliable insurance provider. At, we take a closer look at Trust Insurance, a standout name in the Cypriot insurance industry. As an established entity, they offer a vast array of services to cater to both individual and business needs. Here’s an unbiased overview of what Trust Insurance brings to the table.

Understanding the importance of securing assets and investments, Trust Insurance emerges as a trustworthy partner. Offering services since 1990, they’ve consistently evolved, adapting to the dynamic Cypriot market needs. Let’s delve deeper into their story, values, and the wide range of insurance products they offer.

Trust Insurance Cyprus

Company Background

Trust Insurance Cyprus began its journey in 1990 in Limassol. Registered in 2003, they stormed the domestic market in 2009, becoming the fastest-growing insurance company. Their international forays equipped them with unique insights, propelling their dynamic local market entry.

The organization prides itself on innovativeness and service quality. It constantly seeks to introduce cutting-edge products, ensuring the best value for customers’ money. “To Lead Through Innovation and Service Excellence” encapsulates their vision, upheld by a team marked by professionalism, consistency, and responsibility.

Individuals and businesses alike have recognized Trust Insurance for their excellence in product offerings. Their emphasis on client-centricity has solidified their standing in Cyprus, making them a preferred choice for many.

Insurance Products for Individuals

Trust Insurance provides a broad spectrum of individual covers in Cyprus. From property protection such as “Home Shield” and “Jointly Owned Shield” to motor insurance options, they ensure a comprehensive range. Moreover, their personal accident and health insurance, including “True Care“, cater to both locals and foreigners. Their marine and travel insurance further extend protection to enthusiasts and avid travellers.

For residents of Cyprus, Trust Insurance offers a tailored approach. Their detailed individual insurance products ensure all needs are met. Whether it’s safeguarding homes, cars, health, or personal adventures, they’ve covered it all. Their dedication shines, promising safety and security for every individual.

With Trust Insurance, individuals gain more than just protection; they get peace of mind. They’ve transformed insurance from mere policy provision to caring, comprehensive protection, making them a top choice for many in Cyprus.

Trust Insurance Products Individuals

Insurance Products for Businesses

Businesses in Cyprus find a reliable partner in Trust Insurance. Their “Business Shield” and specific covers for pharmacies or labs showcase their understanding of diverse business needs. Their motor and liability insurances further promise seamless operational security for all business types.

In this digital age, Trust Insurance proves foresight with its cyber risk packages. It offers protection spanning from machinery breakdown to professional liability for lawyers. Their marine and freight transport solutions further support the island’s trade-centric businesses.

In a nutshell, this insurance company champions business growth with its robust covers. They not only safeguard but also empower businesses, illustrating their commitment to Cyprus’s thriving business ecosystem.

Trust Insurance Products Business

How Can Assist You

Whether you are moving to Cyprus for work, retirement, or establishing a business, you need a reliable insurance partner. serves as a bridge to trusted professionals and services in Cyprus. We can connect you with trusted insurance agents so you can compare different insurance policies and make the best decision. This simplifies the process of acquiring the right insurance in Cyprus, enhancing the transition experience.

Contact for a free consultation with a trusted insurance agent and receive a free quote for your insurance. Our goal is to make the process as smooth and comfortable as possible for you.


Based in Cyprus, this insurance company has rapidly solidified its reputation in all the cities across the island. From the bustling financial hubs of trust insurance Nicosia and trust insurance Limassol to the scenic landscapes of trust insurance Paphos and the vibrant coastal city of trust insurance Larnaca, their presence is unmistakable.

Their comprehensive service offerings cater to both residents and businesses alike and they have gained a good reputation abroad. This has increased trust in them. As a result, they have become a popular option for those seeking complete insurance solutions in the area.