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Moving to Cyprus introduces many to a new realm of requirements, including the need for reliable insurance. One standout option is Royal Crown Insurance. Understanding the offerings and reputation of insurance companies like Royal Crown Insurance is important for those learning about Cypriot insurance. This comprehensive guide seeks to present an unbiased overview of Royal Crown Insurance and its services.

Company Background

Royal Crown Insurance, with over forty years in the Cyprus market, began as an agent for Royal & SunAlliance. Their association with this global network remains. Since 1999, however, they’ve evolved as a purely Cypriot private insurance company. This transition underscores their commitment to local needs.

They pioneered the Combined Business and Household Insurance Policies in Cyprus. These policies, tailored to individual needs, set a benchmark in comprehensive coverage. Post the 2016 European Directive “Solvency II”, Royal Crown underwent notable shifts.

Their allegiance to integrity and transparency has been unwavering and their association with Swiss Re enhances their credibility. They’ve consistently prioritized client awareness regarding contract nuances.

Royal Crown Insurance Products

Insurance Products for Individuals

Moving to a new country or simply readjusting within your homeland often means ensuring all personal assets are well-protected. Royal Crown Insurance recognizes these diverse needs and has curated a variety of insurance products suitable for individuals.

Property Insurance

For many, a home isn’t just a building; it’s a sanctuary. Royal Crown offers specialized insurance solutions for various property-related needs:

  • Private Dwelling Insurance: Tailored for homeowners, ensuring their primary residence remains protected against unforeseen events.
  • Household Comprehensive Insurance: A broader coverage, this policy encompasses potential risks to personal property within the home.
  • Yacht and Pleasure Craft Cover: An exclusive offering for marine enthusiasts, ensuring their prized possessions remain safeguarded against potential damages.

Personal Insurance

Beyond property, one’s personal well-being and safety are paramount. Royal Crown’s range in this category includes:

  • Travel Insurance: Essential for those who love to explore, ensuring any travel mishaps are covered.
  • Personal Accident Insurance: A policy that offers financial support following unexpected accidents.
  • Domestic Helpers’ Hospital Care Insurance: Dedicated to the healthcare needs of domestic helpers, a testament to Royal Crown’s inclusive approach.

Motor Insurance

On the move in Cyprus? Royal Crown provides:

  • Private Motor Vehicle Comprehensive: A policy covering damages to your vehicle, ensuring mobility isn’t hampered.
  • Motor Third Party Liability: Protection against liabilities arising from potential damages your vehicle might cause to others.

Insurance Products for Businesses

Operating a business is a challenging endeavor, with numerous assets and operations to manage. Royal Crown Insurance offers coverage for businesses of all sizes, providing optimal protection to address their concerns.

Property Insurance for Businesses

Every brick and machine in a business is crucial. Royal Crown offers:

  • Business Combined Insurance: An all-encompassing policy ensuring business properties, whether leased or owned, are safeguarded.
  • Jointly Owned Building Insurance: For businesses sharing spaces, this provides comprehensive protection.

Liability Insurance

Liabilities can be daunting for any business. Royal Crown’s offerings in this category encompass:

  • Employer’s Liability Insurance: Protection against potential claims from employees due to workplace-related injuries or health issues.
  • Public Liability Insurance: Shielding businesses from claims resulting from damages to third-party properties or injuries.
  • Professional Indemnity: Essential for professionals, ensuring they’re covered against claims arising from advice or services rendered.

Specialized Insurance Solutions

Some businesses have unique requirements:

  • Contractors’ All Risks Insurance: Tailored for the construction sector, covering equipment, materials, and potential liabilities.
  • Insurance for Carriage of Goods by Sea & Air: For businesses in the import-export sector, ensuring goods are protected during transit.

Royal Crown offers a wide range of insurance options for businesses and individuals in Cyprus, customized to their specific requirements.

Insurance Type Target Audience
Jointly Owned Building Insurance Property owners
Employer’s Liability Insurance Business Owners
Travel Insurance Frequent Business Travelers
Business Combined Insurance Diverse Businesses
Professional Indemnity Professionals & Consultants
Contractors’ All Risks Insurance Construction Businesses
Insurance for carriage by sea & air Import-Export Businesses
Personal Accident Insurance All Business Types
Public Liability Insurance Public-facing Businesses
Table 1: Insurance Types and Their Target Audience

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Contact for a free consultation with a trusted insurance agent and receive a free quote for your insurance. Our goal is to make the process as smooth and comfortable as possible for you.

Insurance Cyprus


Choosing the right insurance in Cyprus, especially with diverse offerings, can be challenging. Royal Crown Insurance, with its legacy, values, and comprehensive solutions, emerges as a trusted choice. For both individuals and businesses, their tailored policies ensure peace of mind.