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Navigating the complexities of the Cypriot insurance market can be challenging, but selecting a reliable partner makes all the difference. This is an overview of Prime Insurance, a leading name in the Cyprus insurance sector. Prime Insurance Cyprus isn’t just an insurance provider; it’s a testament to quality, reliability, and unparalleled experience in the local market.

Company Background

Prime Insurance commenced its dynamic journey in Cyprus’s insurance sector back in 1999, originally known as INTERLIFE INSURANCE. Through strategic mergers and expansions, notably with DEMCO INSURANCE in 2011, it adopted its current name. With a focus on high-quality insurance programs, Prime quickly gained prominence in Cyprus. Today, thanks to their customer-oriented approach and unwavering consistency, they are synonymous with life, health, liability, and property insurance.

Their vision, underpinned by a dedication to customers, aims to fortify their position as the most trusted insurance company in both Cyprus and Greece. With core values ranging from a strong belief in the insurance industry to innovation, Prime Insurance stands tall. A testament to their reputation is the public’s unwavering confidence, evident from their rapid growth and impactful contribution to Cyprus’s private insurance sector.

Insurance Products for Individuals

Prime Insurance Cyprus offers a diverse range of insurance products tailored for individuals. Under Life Insurance, they feature TERM-LIFE and UNIT-LINKED insurance products, each designed to meet specific needs. These products can be supplemented with benefits covering health, accident, disability, and loss of income. By combining life insurance with the investment potential of unit-linked products, Prime ensures that individuals receive comprehensive insurance solutions.

In the realm of Non-Life Insurance, Prime offers specialized plans like VEHICLE and HOME MEGAINSURANCE. These policies extend beyond conventional insurance, being carefully crafted to meet individual requirements and financial capabilities. From fire safety to immigrant hospital insurance, Prime has it all. Their offerings even delve into niche areas like insurance for fine art and cyber risks.

Health Insurance from Prime is designed with precision. With products like MEDISYN and MEDIFIRST, they ensure in-hospital and out-of-hospital cover respectively. Prime’s emphasis on health can’t be understated, providing free services to all Medisyn policyholders.

Product CategoryProduct TypeKey Features
Life InsuranceTERM-LIFE INSURANCELife insurance coverage with no savings; can be supplemented with benefits.
UNIT-LINKED LIFE INSURANCEFlexible; adapts to changing insurance needs. Ideal for study funds, retirement income, etc.
Non-Life InsuranceVEHICLE MEGAINSURANCEComprehensive cover for modern drivers.
HOME MEGAINSURANCEPioneering benefits tailored to individual needs and finances.
Health InsuranceMEDISYN IN-HOSPITAL COVERIntegrated in-hospital plan; free Health Line Services for policyholders.
MEDIFIRST OUTPATIENT COVEROut-of-hospital medical expenses coverage due to illness or accident.
Table 1: Insurance Products for Individuals

Insurance Products for Businesses

For businesses, the people behind the operations are invaluable. Recognizing this, Prime Insurance Cyprus offers specialized protection schemes. Their life insurance packages can include a myriad of benefits, from accident coverage to critical illness. Prime’s commitment to safeguarding business assets is evident in its comprehensive offerings like the partnership protection policy.

Product TypeKey Features
Life Insurance (Term or Retirement)Ensures integrity and protection of the business’s most important assets – its people.
Accident and Incapacity InsuranceCoverage for accidents and incapacities.
Accidental DeathCoverage specific to accidental death scenarios.
Critical IllnessCoverage for critical illnesses.
Compensatory covers for IncomeCovers for income losses due to illness or accident.
Partnership protection policyProtection for business partnerships.
Key person policyProtection for vital members of the organization.
Table 2: Insurance Products for Businesses – Life Insurance

Non-Life Insurance for businesses with Prime is just as extensive. The BUSINESS STAR policy offers comprehensive coverage, from fire to public liability. Additionally, they provide professional liability insurance, tailored for professionals, employer’s liability, and public liability policies, each crafted meticulously to address specific needs. Prime’s suite for businesses doesn’t stop there; it includes a vast array of other insurance types, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Prime Insurance also realizes the health of an organization’s employees is paramount. Thus, they’ve tailored health insurance plans for businesses. These flexible plans cover everything from medical expenses due to accidents to outpatient care. With Prime, businesses can ensure their most valuable assets – their employees – are well-taken care of.

Product CategoryProduct TypeKey Features
Non-Life InsuranceBUSINESS STARComprehensive coverage for businesses including fire, loss of profits, public liability, etc.
Professional Liability InsuranceCovers liability arising from professional activities.
Employer’s Liability InsuranceCovers legal liability for bodily injuries, death, or illness to employees.
Health InsuranceIn-Patient Insurance MediSynCovers all medical expenses incurred due to illness or accident in a hospital or clinic.
Out-Patient Insurance MediFirstCovers all Out-Patient medical expenses incurred due to illness or accident.
Table 3: Insurance Products for Businesses – Non-Life & Health Insurance

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Prime Insurance Cyprus Insurance Products


Navigating through the extensive offerings of Prime Insurance Cyprus, it becomes clear why they’re a trusted name in Cyprus. Their dedication to providing tailored solutions, both for individuals and businesses, sets them apart. When it comes to safeguarding one’s future in Cyprus, Prime Insurance emerges as a top contender. Through their wide range of products and impeccable service, they embody reliability and trustworthiness in the Cypriot insurance sector.