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Whether it’s for individuals or businesses, Eurosure offers comprehensive insurance solutions for all. In this blog post, we will explore Eurosure, a key player in the Cyprus insurance market. We’ll delve into their background, values, mission, and the extensive range of insurance products they offer.

If you are considering moving to Cyprus or already living there, finding the right insurance can be crucial. Read on to discover how they can meet your unique needs.

Eurosure Insurance Logo

Eurosure: Company Background

Established in 1992, Eurosure Insurance Company Ltd began its operations in the Non-Life field in Cyprus. As a collaboration of various entrepreneurs and the firm R. Christofidou Ltd, it carries a rich history. The company offers all general business insurance products. Its main characteristics include professionalism, competence, and honesty.

Over the years, Eurosure’s vision to break down communication barriers has turned into a reality. The client base has grown beyond Cyprus, reaching various countries abroad. People often need insurance at distressing times, and Eurosure strives to excel in speed and efficiency.

Today, the management of Eurosure is under R. Christofidou and follows the “Solvency II” framework for good governance and protecting consumers.

Year Milestone
1927 R. Christofidou Ltd becomes Insurance Agent of Phoenix Assurance PLC
1991 Formation of Eurosure
1992 Eurosure begins operations
Present Expansion beyond Cyprus, adherence to “Solvency II”
Table 1: Overview of Eurosure’s Milestones

Insurance Products for Individuals

Eurosure’s Motor Insurance offers advanced and comprehensive plans covering third-party injuries, property damage, and other related risks. With a combination of simplicity, responsiveness, and affordability, it covers all the essential needs of a contemporary driver.

The HomeSure plan covers all types of homes, including permanent residences and holiday homes. Homeowners are protected from many dangers like fire, natural disasters, theft, and more, keeping them safe and secure financially and emotionally. The detailed coverage extends to buildings, contents, valuables, and even art objects.

Perils Covered Includes
Fire & Lightning Explosion, Aircraft Damage
Natural Disasters Earthquake, Flood, Storm
Malicious Activities Riots, Strikes, Theft
Table 2: HomeSure Coverage Details

A range of personal insurance products cater to various needs. Personal Liability covers accidental injury and property damage. Personal Accident Insurance provides compensation for bodily injury due to accidents, including death and disabilities. Medical Insurance Policy for Foreign Persons is designed specifically for non-European Union residents in Cyprus.

For individuals who travel or work in professional capacities, Eurosure offers Travel Insurance and Professional Indemnity. Travel Insurance covers accidents, medical expenses, luggage loss, and more. Professional Indemnity protects against liabilities arising from professional errors or omissions.

Insurance Products for Businesses

Similar to the individual motor insurance, businesses also have access to tailored motor coverage. Additionally, Business Sure fully assures your business, covering building, content, merchandise, and staff responsibilities. Silver and Gold packages allow customization to suit specific business requirements.

Special insurances for residential flats, loss of profits due to damage, and glass breakage are available. These cater to unique needs, providing additional safety nets for businesses.

Eurosure’s business insurance also covers monetary losses, employee-related liabilities, and public and product liabilities. From loss of cash at premises to compensation in respect of accidental injuries to employees or third-party property, these insurances cater to legal and operating needs.

Type of Liability Limit (€)
Single Employee 160,000
Per Event 3,500,000
Aggregate Limit 5,200,000
Table 3: Employers’ Liability Limits

Rounding off the business products are Professional Indemnity, Marine Cargo, Contractors All Risks, Group Personal Accident Insurance, Travel Insurance, and Pleasure Yacht Insurance. These coverages reflect a wide array of business activities, providing comprehensive protection for various scenarios and sectors.

Eurosure Cyprus

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Choosing Eurosure for insurance services in Cyprus means access to a wide array of individual and business products. From Motor and Home Insurance to specialized business plans, the coverage is extensive and tailored to your needs. assists in navigating these offerings, providing a seamless experience for those transitioning to life in Cyprus. Utilize this trusted pathway to secure peace of mind through comprehensive, affordable insurance.