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Relocating to Cyprus or simply residing here requires a comprehensive understanding of various sectors, especially insurance. Atlantic Insurance, stands as a beacon of assurance in this realm. Having served the Cyprus community for years, it’s essential to grasp what Atlantic Insurance offers. With this overview, I’ll provide insights into their offerings and reputation.

Company Background

Founded in 1983 by the visionary Zenios Pyrishis, Atlantic quickly rose as a market leader in Cyprus insurance. His philosophy prioritized clients, a sentiment still evident in their operations today. Their listing on the Cyprus Stock Exchange in 2000 propelled them further, securing substantial funds for strategic expansions. By 2009, the revered AstroBank became a 20% shareholder, amplifying their client outreach.

The company’s dedication to client satisfaction echoes in every service touchpoint. Their easily accessible offices in all Cyprus cities, staffed with multilingual experts, ensure unparalleled personalized service. With its steadfast growth, Atlantic’s resolute financial stance protected it from European economic downturns, emerging stronger each time.

Notably, Atlantic’s Solvency Ratio II, a measure of capital adequacy, stood at an impressive 218% in 2021. This figure, way above the 100% requirement, solidifies its position among Cyprus’ top insurance providers.

Insurance Products for Individuals

Motor insurance, Atlantic’s prime forte, offers unmatched coverage in Cyprus with fair claim settlements. Their Household Executive plan is designed meticulously, safeguarding properties against even the rarest threats. Basic property insurance needs? Atlantic’s Fire & Special Perils policy is tailored for that.

Medical insurance at Atlantic dates back to 1994, boasting distinct benefits with generous annual limits. They also cater to non-EU citizens, providing health insurance as mandated by Immigration Authorities. In the recreational department, yacht enthusiasts find solace in their comprehensive yacht insurance policies.

Other noteworthy insurances cover personal accidents, pets, and golf, proving Atlantic’s diverse range. They even provide marine cargo insurance and specialized travel insurance, ensuring broad-ranging protection.

Insurance TypeDetailsUnique Features
MotorComprehensive coverage & fair claim settlementsLeader in Cyprus for motor vehicle insurance
HouseholdHousehold Executive plan for property protectionCoverage for rare risks posed to property and contents
MedicalPlans since 1994 with generous annual limitsDistinct advantages with limits up to €1,000,000
YachtComprehensive protection & third-party liabilityIdeal for pleasure boats
TravelBest possible protection for travelersSpecific Schengen Visa cover option
PetPioneering product for cats and dogsFirst of its kind in Cyprus
Personal AccidentCompensation for accident-related eventsBenefits for death, permanent or temporary disability
PropertyStandard Fire & Special Perils policyIdeal for clients seeking basic coverage
Table 1: Insurance Products for Individuals

Insurance Products for Businesses

In the business realm, Atlantic is synonymous with comprehensive protection. Their motor insurance ensures businesses have their fleets safeguarded. Tailored property insurance, the Supreme Plan, addresses every business-specific need, offering unrivalled coverage in the Cyprus market.

Group medical insurance packages have been carefully curated since 1994, ensuring employees get optimum benefits. Their expertise extends to providing insurance against employee accidents and safeguarding against potential employer liabilities. Businesses also gain from their public and product liability insurance, ensuring third-party safety and product-related protections.

Cyber threats, increasingly prevalent, are addressed by their cutting-edge cyber risk insurance. Additionally, Atlantic offers specialized insurance, from money and transit goods protection to insurance safeguarding directors and officers. Businesses can truly find a 360-degree protection suite with Atlantic.

Insurance TypeDetailsUnique Features
MotorComprehensive fleet coverageTrustworthy, fair claims settlements
Property (Supreme Plan)Business-specific needs coverageOne of the most comprehensive options in Cyprus
Group MedicalOptimum benefits since 1994Wide range of annual limits
Group Personal AccidentProtection against employee accidentsEssential for human capital safety
Employer’s LiabilitySafeguard against potential employer liabilitiesCoverage for workplace injuries or illnesses
Public LiabilityEnsuring third-party safetyProperty damage, bodily injury or illness protection
Professional IndemnityCover for professional negligenceEssential for professionals providing advice or services
Cyber RiskAddressing cyber threatsNecessary for modern businesses with online interactions
Directors and OfficersProtection for board membersLiability coverage for individuals serving on a board
Contractors All RisksSpecifically for building contractorsIntended to cover various risks in construction
Marine CargoCompetitive rates subject to the Institute ClausesIdeal for businesses involved in shipping
Goods in TransitCoverage for transported items within CyprusProvides peace of mind for items on the move
MoneyCoverage for loss of cash during/after business hoursEssential for businesses dealing with high cash flow
Fidelity GuaranteeProtection against employee dishonestyProvides indemnification against acts of dishonesty, embezzlement, etc.
Table 2: Insurance Products for Businesses

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Atlantic Insurance Products


Atlantic Insurance, a stalwart in the Cyprus insurance domain, offers unmatched protection. From individual to business offerings, they cater to varied needs with precision. Atlantic Insurance Cyprus has cemented its reputation as a trusted insurance provider. Whether you’re in the buzzing business district of Atlantic Insurance Nicosia or the serene streets of Atlantic Insurance Paphos, you can rest assured that their exceptional services and customer-centric approach remain consistent.