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We recognize the importance of choosing the right insurance for your needs. That’s where Anytime Insurance comes in, offering solutions tailored just for you. With a legacy of trust and an aim for simplicity, they ensure safety and peace of mind for their customers.

Through this overview, we will explore the services, products, and values of Anytime Insurance. So, if you’re considering insurance options in Cyprus, whether you’re a local or a visitor, you can benefit from this guide.

Company Background

Anytime Insurance, originating as Greece’s first online insurance brand, boasts an impressive history. Since its inception in 2017 in Cyprus, it’s solidified its robust presence. Backed by Interamerican, a powerhouse in Greek insurance, it thrives under the umbrella of Achmea, a Netherlands-based insurance conglomerate.

With a clear emphasis on simplicity, Anytime Insurance has revolutionized the insurance realm. Their value-for-money approach, coupled with impeccable service, resonates with their vast clientele. A staggering 400,000 drivers in Greece and 36,000 insured entities in Cyprus are a testament to their credibility.

What truly sets Anytime Insurance apart are its core pillars: integrity, innovation, simplicity, and flexibility. They envision a world where everyone has access to top-notch insurance, ensuring peace and safety. Four compelling reasons to choose Anytime include easy online procedures, stellar customer service, unmatched flexibility, and the security backed by Interamerican’s €7 million in Cyprus compensations.

Motor Insurance Products

  • Passenger Vehicle Insurance: Anytime Insurance offers comprehensive passenger vehicle insurance programs. From affordability to top-tier coverage, they’ve got you covered. Personalized premiums and inclusive driver coverage make them a top pick. Additionally, the rapid policy dispatch to your email and 24/7 customer service further their appeal.

Two standout programs are the Standard Drive and the Smart Drive. The former assures all-encompassing coverage at competitive prices. Meanwhile, the Smart Drive, with its innovative app, rewards safe driving, especially for the younger demographic.

  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance: For business entities, protecting commercial vehicles is paramount. Anytime Insurance understands this. Offering impeccable insurance plans, they ensure you feel protected at all times. From clear terms to 24/7 customer service, their coverage is comprehensive.
Anytime Motor Insurance Products

Home Insurance Products

Whether owning or renting, finding the right home insurance is crucial. Anytime Insurance offers a tailored approach, assuring the perfect fit for all. From unique coverage options to 24/7 customer service, they prioritize your peace of mind.

They offer distinct insurance programs for building, content, or both. Understanding the value of both property and possessions, they assure comprehensive coverage. Plus, the added bonus of a 10% discount for combined building and content insurance sweetens the deal.

BuildingCovers damages to the structural aspect of the home– Optional add-ons available
ContentProtects belongings and interior components against risks– Comprehensive risk coverage
– Tailored solutions
Building & ContentCombined insurance for both structure and belongings– 10% discount for combination
– Full protection
Table 2: Home Insurance Program Overview

How Can Assist You

Whether you are moving to Cyprus for work, retirement, or establishing a business, you need a reliable insurance partner. serves as a bridge to trusted professionals and services in Cyprus. We can connect you with trusted insurance agents so you can compare different insurance policies and make the best decision. This simplifies the process of acquiring the right insurance in Cyprus, enhancing the transition experience.

Contact for a free consultation with a trusted insurance agent and receive a free quote for your insurance. Our goal is to make the process as smooth and comfortable as possible for you.


In the bustling insurance market of Cyprus, Anytime Insurance emerges as a front-runner. With their strong heritage, commitment to innovation, and comprehensive motor and home insurance products, they’re the logical choice. Contact, we are here to assist you in finding the right insurance for your needs.