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Relocating or starting a business in Cyprus necessitates understanding its insurance landscape. This overview sheds light on Altius Insurance, a significant player in Cyprus’s insurance sector. As we delve into their offerings, readers can get a comprehensive understanding of what Altius Insurance brings to the table. Given the importance of securing reliable insurance, the knowledge of such industry leaders is indispensable.

Altius Insurance ltd

Company Background

Founded as Alpha Insurance Ltd in 1993, it underwent a pivotal transformation in 2015. Renamed “Altius Insurance”, the firm transitioned under the leadership of Mr Doukas Paleologos. This shift also saw the significant participation of many firm managers. The company provides comprehensive insurance services, encompassing life, general, and health insurance.

Altius Insurance’s life coverage offers holistic products catering to diverse individual and family needs. The year 2022 showcased their financial robustness, posting an after-tax profit and comprehensive income of €2.8m. With a strong solvency ratio of 232%, their financial standing is commendable. Such metrics underscore their reliability in Cyprus’s insurance market.

Insurance Products for Businesses

Businesses encounter risks, some sector-specific, others more general. Altius Insurance crafts solutions for both. With offerings spanning offices, general liability, and project insurance, businesses find varied coverage. Their products cater to diverse sectors and challenges, underscoring their comprehensive approach.

Every business, regardless of size or industry, benefits from tailored insurance. Employer’s liability and professional indemnity are prime examples of this specificity. Altius Insurance also addresses larger business structures with group insurance. Maritime and air transport offerings showcase sector-specific attention.

Insurance TypeDescription
OFFICES AND STORES PLANSTailored solutions for businesses
GENERAL LIABILITYProtection against liabilities
PROJECT INSURANCECoverage for specific projects
EMPLOYER’S LIABILITYProtecting against employee claims
PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITYSafeguarding professional services
GROUP INSURANCEComprehensive employee coverage
MARITIME & AIR TRANSPORTSector-specific insurances
Table 1: Products for Businesses

Insurance Products for Individuals

Diverse needs require diverse solutions. Altius Insurance offers a suite of products for individuals. From life and pension plans to motor and travel insurance, they cater to multifaceted requirements. Their coverage spans vital areas, ensuring individuals enjoy comprehensive protection.

Life’s unpredictability mandates securing one’s future and assets. Altius Insurance’s offerings like life insurance and savings plans exemplify this philosophy. Travel and student plans provide specific coverage, ensuring tailored protection. Motor and property insurances further underscore their commitment to all-around coverage.

Altius Insurance Products for Individuals

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Altius Insurance stands out in the Cyprus insurance market. Their comprehensive offerings for both individuals and businesses signify their adaptability and expertise. Given their robust financial metrics and varied products, they emerge as a reliable insurance choice in Cyprus. Making an informed decision is crucial, and Altius Insurance rightly facilitates that.