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At the heart of Cyprus insurance is Allianz, a global powerhouse. Let’s explore Allianz Cyprus, mapping its history and expansive service range. Knowing about your insurance provider is as crucial as the policy itself. Established over a century ago, Allianz with its unique history and commitment, has cemented its position in Cyprus’s insurance domain.

Allianz Insurance Cyprus

Company Background

Originating in Berlin in 1890, Allianz rapidly grew from a regional provider to a global insurance magnate. Generations worked diligently, ensuring Allianz’s success and global relevance. Its legacy spans over 130 years, securing countless futures along the way.

CEO Oliver Bäte emphasizes the importance of historical remembrance, especially during challenging periods like the Nazi era. Allianz’s commitment to transparency and self-reflection is evident in its endeavors to remember and honour those affected during such times. This ethos serves as the company’s foundational pillar.

Allianz’s presence in Cyprus has been unwavering for over 25 years. They’ve consistently offered comprehensive private insurance services, solidifying their reputation in the market. From car to home insurance, their dedication to customer service and the pursuit of excellence remains unmatched.

Named #1 Insurance4th Year Running
Brand Value$18.7 billion
Interbrand Ranking#34 globally
Table 1: Allianz Highlights in Cyprus

Insurance Products for Individuals

  1. Health Insurance: Allianz Cyprus offers Hospital and Outpatient Care plans, emphasizing both immediate and preventive health measures.
  2. Car & Leisure Insurance: The company caters to a range of vehicles and travel methods, from cars to boats, ensuring safety and protection during journeys.
  3. Home Security: Allianz Cyprus provides comprehensive home insurance options, with special attention to homeowners with mortgaged properties.
  4. Life Protection: Beyond just life insurance, they offer plans ensuring that unforeseen accidents don’t jeopardize an individual’s or their family’s future.
  5. Savings & Investment Programs: Financial stability is front and centre with their range of pension, savings, and investment solutions.
  6. Liability Insurance: From cyclists to homeowners, Allianz Cyprus provides wide-ranging coverage for various liabilities.
Allianz Liability Insurance

Table 2: Liability Insurance program coverages

Insurance Products for Businesses

  1. Middle-class Business: With offerings such as All Business Enterprise Security and Security of Rented Rooms, they aim to cover the diverse needs of small to medium-sized enterprises.
  2. Big Business: Allianz Cyprus provides extensive coverage, from physical assets to financial securities, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.
  3. Human Resources: Employees’ well-being is prioritized with group health and life insurance, ensuring the health and future of a company’s human capital.
  4. Liability: Allianz Cyprus offers dedicated insurance for environmental responsibility and protection against potential claims directed at company executives.
  5. Vehicles: Their coverage spans from fleet safety programs to insurance for specialized vehicles, ensuring smooth business logistics.
  6. Special Insurances: Modern machinery and technology are protected under Allianz Cyprus’s policies, ensuring businesses face minimal downtime. Allianz Cyprus ensures the safety of goods during transportation by offering insurance for both air and sea shipments.

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Contact for a free consultation with a trusted insurance agent and receive a free quote for your insurance. Our goal is to make the process as smooth and comfortable as possible for you.


Navigating through Allianz’s journey, from individual to business insurance, Allianz exhibits a comprehensive approach. Their commitment to providing the best solutions is impressive. To sum up, Allianz’s global expertise blended with local understanding ensures a seamless insurance experience.