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Relocating to Cyprus or investing there demands a thorough understanding of available insurance services. Therefore, we will overview Aig Insurance, a stalwart in the industry. More specifically we will explore the services they offer in Cyprus.

In a globalized world, reliable insurance is crucial, especially for moving or doing business in another country. With its rich history and global reach, AIG Insurance stands as a beacon of assurance for many. Specifically, for those looking to establish a foothold in Cyprus, understanding the offerings of major insurance companies like AIG is essential.

AIG Cyprus

Company Background

Aig Insurance, or the American International Group, is a global insurance titan, with a presence in over 100 countries. Originally rooted in the U.S., they are renowned for their extensive property-casualty networks. Their vast portfolio includes life insurance and retirement services, primarily in the U.S. market. Their global operations have garnered listings on both the New York and Tokyo Stock Exchanges.

AIG’s reach extends beyond insurance. Various subsidiaries and affiliates provide their diverse range of products and services. Notably, their offerings aren’t universal; availability and insurance coverage can vary by region. Yet, their commitment remains consistent: to deliver quality and assurance to clients worldwide.

While AIG Cyprus offers numerous products, their property-casualty offerings stand out, especially with surplus lines insurers. These surplus lines insurers, interestingly, don’t participate in state guaranty funds, offering a different layer of assurance to the insured.

Insurance Products for Individuals

Private Auto Insurance is one of Aig Insurance’s prime offerings. Their Comprehensive policy not only covers third-party liabilities but also extends to damages to the insured vehicle. Key features include driving in the occupied areas of Cyprus and road assistance.

For those securing their homes in Cyprus, Aig Insurance presents two distinct policies. The Homeowners & Householders Insurance and Expats Home Insurance are tailored for Cyprus residents and expatriates respectively. Both offer broad protection, ranging from building damage to personal possessions.

Personal accidents and health concerns don’t escape AIG’s radar. Their Personal Accident policy offers global protection, ensuring continuous coverage. Meanwhile, their travel insurance packages like Student Travel Guard and Global Travel Guard prioritize the needs of students and global travellers.

Insurance TypeKey Features
Private Auto Insurance– Comprehensive policy coverage
– Third-party liabilities
– Damages to insured vehicle
– Driving in occupied areas of Cyprus
– Road assistance
Homeowners & Householders Insurance– Coverage for dwelling houses and apartments
– Loss or damage to building, contents, and servant’s property
– Personal Accident to the insured
Expats Home Insurance– Tailored for expatriates
– Loss or damage to building and contents
– Personal possessions
– Personal money and credit cards protection
Personal Accident & Health Insurance– Global protection
– Round-the-clock coverage
– Specialized travel insurance packages for students and global travelers
Table 1: Individual Insurance Overview

Insurance Products for Businesses

AIG Cyprus caters extensively to business needs. Their Accident & Travel suite is ideal for groups and corporations, ensuring streamlined travel and personal accident coverage. Their unique Fleet and Energy insurance options stand testament to AIG’s innovative approach.

The Financial Lines by AIG Cyprus aims to address commercial challenges faced by businesses. Their services, such as Employer’s Liability and General Liability, target specific pain points for organizations. Additionally, Marine and Property insurances offer sector-specific solutions, catering to global and local businesses alike.

As businesses expand their reach, AIG Insurance supports Cypriot businesses venturing abroad. They lean on their global corporate network to provide unmatched insurance solutions. Furthermore, AIG’s SME Division offers specialized coverage for small and medium enterprises across various sectors.

AIG Insurance products for businesses

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Contact for a free consultation with a trusted insurance agent and receive a free quote for your insurance. Our goal is to make the process as smooth and comfortable as possible for you.


Aig Cyprus, a prominent player in the global insurance market, offers tailor-made solutions for both individuals and businesses in Cyprus. Their expansive portfolio, ranging from personal accident insurance to business-specific packages, speaks to their commitment to cater to diverse needs. If you need insurance in Cyprus, Aig Insurance offers many services and could be a good choice.