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Founded in the heart of Cyprus, Cosmos Insurance stands as a testament to the evolving needs of this vibrant island nation. Whether you are a local, an expatriate, or a business owner in Cyprus, you will find their services to be thoughtfully tailored.

This guide is crafted to assist you in exploring what Cosmos Insurance has to offer. Remember, finding the right insurance coverage can be pivotal for your peace of mind and financial security in Cyprus.

Company Background

Cosmos Insurance was established in 1981 by Kyriakos M. Tyllis. His primary focus was on motor and property insurance. In 1996, Kyriakos’ sons, Andreas and Michalis Tyllis, took over the company, heralding a new era of growth and diversification.

In 2000, the company’s shares were listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange, marking its transformation into Cosmos Insurance Company Public Ltd. This significant milestone was followed by a period of geographic expansion, with the company opening offices in Larnaca and Paphos in 2002, and Limassol in 2004.

Fast-forward to 2014, Cosmos Insurance had risen to become the 3rd highest ranking general insurance company in the Health & Accident sector and 4th in the Motor Insurance business in Cyprus. This position was sustained through a robust offering of over 27 products sold through a network of 150 intermediaries.

The year 2021 found Cosmos Insurance celebrating 40 years of presence in the Cyprus insurance market. Today, it stands as a trusted provider of comprehensive insurance solutions, upholding a legacy of excellence passed down from its founder, Kyriakos M. Tyllis.

Cosmos Insurance Products for Individuals

Cosmos Insurance offers a range of insurance products for individuals to protect various aspects of their personal life.

Insurance Type Description
Own Goods Vehicle Insurance Ensures protection against damages to your vehicle, including theft, fire, and accident-related damages.
Medical Insurance Provides coverage for healthcare expenses. Includes regular check-ups, emergency services, and more.
Fire & Other Perils Insurance Offers protection for your property against damages from fire, storms, and other perils.
Theft Insurance Coverage for loss or damage due to theft of personal property.
Marine Insurance Provides financial protection against damages or loss of ships, cargo, and any transport by which the property is transferred.
Motorcycle Insurance Provides coverage for damage to or loss of a motorcycle due to an accident, theft, or fire.
Foreigner’s Medical Insurance Coverage for healthcare expenses specifically designed for foreigners residing in Cyprus.
Private Vehicle Insurance Provides financial protection against physical damage or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also arise from incidents in a vehicle.
Home Insurance Protects your home and belongings against unexpected events like fire, theft, natural disasters.
Yacht Insurance Covers damage to the yacht, as well as liabilities to other parties following an accident.
Travel Insurance Covers the costs and reduces the risks associated with unexpected events during domestic or international travel.
Pet Insurance Covers the cost of veterinary treatment for the insured person’s ill or injured pet.
Personal Accident Insurance Provides a lump-sum payment if you sustain a serious injury or die as a result of an accident.
Glass Insurance Offers coverage against breakage of glass due to accident or other perils.
Cyclists Insurance Protects against the financial costs of accidents, damages, or injuries while cycling.

Cosmos Insurance Products for Businesses

For businesses, Cosmos Insurance provides tailored solutions to manage a wide range of risks.

Insurance Type Description
Professional Indemnity Policy for Healthcare Services Provider Offers protection for healthcare providers against potential negligence claims made by patients/clients.
Employer’s Liability Covers businesses from claims by employees who experience illness or injury as a result of their work.
Group Medical Insurance Cyprus Choice Provides healthcare coverage for employees, including regular check-ups, emergency services, and more.
Goods in Transit Insurance Protects against losses due to damages to goods while in transit.
Business Insurance A comprehensive insurance policy that can include liability, property, and workers’ compensation coverage.
Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Protects directors and officers of a company against their actions that affect the profitability or operations of the company.
Professional Indemnity Insurance for Lawyers Protects legal professionals against liability incurred as a result of errors and omissions in performing their professional services.
Commonly Owned Buildings Insurance Provides coverage for damages to commonly owned buildings in a housing society or commercial complex.
Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy for Architects & Engineers Offers coverage for architects and engineers against potential negligence claims made by clients.
Public Liability Insurance Covers your legal liability to third parties for personal injury or property damage.
Shop Insurance A comprehensive cover for shop owners to protect their business from various risks and perils.
Business Interruption Insurance Protects against loss of income following a disaster that disrupts the operation of the business.
Contractors All Risk Insurance (C.A.R) Provides comprehensive coverage for civil construction projects.
Products Liability Insurance Protects against financial loss arising out of the legal liability resulting from an injury caused by a product manufactured, sold, or supplied by the business.

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In summary, Cosmos Insurance offers a comprehensive range of insurance services that cater to individuals and businesses alike. From personal accident insurance to business interruption insurance, they have you covered.

With our assistance at, accessing these services is now easier than ever. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with the right insurance coverage, and make the most of your life in Cyprus with our help.