The Social Insurance System in Cyprus Explained

The Social Insurance System in Cyprus

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The social insurance system in Cyprus is a comprehensive set of benefits provided by the state to protect its citizens. This article aims to provide an understanding of the social insurance system in Cyprus, including what benefits are provided, who is eligible and any costs associated with it.

It’s vital to know the fundamentals of social insurance in Cyprus and how it works. Administered by the Social Insurance Office (SIO) through various departments, it offers many benefits designed to safeguard individuals against economic insecurity. It also provides support during times when they may be unable to work due to injury or illness.

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Benefits Provided by Social Insurance in Cyprus

      1. Pension Provisions ✓
      2. Health Care Support ✓
      3. Sickness Allowance/Disability Benefit Coverage ✓
      4. Maternity Leave ✓
      5. Paternity Leave ✓
      6. Adoption Leave ✓
      7. Long-Term Illness Absence Allowances ✓

    The system provides a range of benefits to its citizens. From pensions for retirement and health care to sickness or accident benefit coverage. Contributions are collected from the employee, employer and state and managed by the SIO to fund these services.

    Pension provisions provide financial security upon retirement. This happens with contributions made throughout one’s working life used to calculate their pension entitlement when they reach retirement age. The pension payments depend on factors like how long you have been contributing, your salary history and years spent abroad.

    In addition to pensions, Cypriot citizens may also be entitled to health care support through social insurance contributions. This includes healthcare cover across the island and medical fees reimbursement, such as visits to a doctor or specialist. For those unable to work due to injury or illness, there are also benefits available through the social insurance system including sickness allowance and disability benefit coverage.

    Furthermore, the social insurance system in Cyprus offers additional benefits for particular circumstances such as maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption leave and long-term illness absence allowances. These entitlements act as a safety net to replace lost income during times of need.

    Sick Leave Entitlements

    Social insurance in Cyprus also provides entitlements to those who are temporarily incapacitated due to illness or injury. Employees can receive up to two weeks of paid sick leave per year and may be entitled to additional leave if approved by their employer.

    The minimum period for receiving this benefit is deemed as three consecutive days; however, employees can apply for longer periods depending on the severity of the illness. In such cases, the employee must provide medical evidence from a doctor and submit a claim form to the SIO for review. The allowance is calculated according to the individual’s average weekly salary over the last 12 months prior to their absence from work.

    Employees may also be eligible for additional leave if they have been diagnosed with an occupational illness or disability. This includes compensation for any resulting economic damage, as well as access to medical treatment and rehabilitation of the affected areas. The SIO is responsible for estimating the amount of compensation due to each individual, based on the degree of their disability.

    For employees unable to work due to long-term illnesses, a special allowance from social insurance contributions may be available in certain cases. To qualify, individuals must submit evidence outlining their income prior to their inability to work and provide a doctor’s certificate confirming their diagnosis. This allowance can be received up until 12 months after falling ill and will be calculated according to the person’s salary history and years spent abroad.

    Finally, employees may also be entitled to an allowance if they are absent from work due to pregnancy or maternity leave. This benefit is issued for up to 14 weeks before and after the birth of a child and will provide the mother with financial support during this time. To qualify for the allowance, individuals must submit proof of their situation along with other relevant documents to the SIO.

    Disability Benefit Coverage

    Social insurance in Cyprus provides a disability benefit coverage for those unable to work due to injury or illness. This includes a range of benefits such as sickness allowance, vocational rehabilitation, and medical expenses reimbursement. The SIO assesses each case based on the individual’s needs. It issues them with an approval letter which outlines how long they are eligible for the benefit.

    Sickness allowance

    This is for individuals who cannot work due to illness but have registered for social insurance before their absence from work. It is paid at a flat rate depending on the person’s salary history. People can receive this up to 12 months after falling ill if approved by the SIO.

    Vocational rehabilitation

    This allows participants to receive additional qualifications or training in order to return to the workforce. Those with a disability or chronic illness are eligible for this benefit and can be reintegrated into their job role, or acquire new skills to find alternative employment.

    Medical expenses reimbursement

    This applies to those unable to work due to injury or illness. The SIO will reimburse any medical costs incurred after approval has been granted, up to an annual limit set by the Government of Cyprus.

    Employer Contributions

    Employers in Cyprus must pay a percentage of their gross salary into the SIO scheme for each employee on their payroll. The Government determines the specific amount and it changes annually. Employers must make contributions for all employees who have worked with them for more than 6 months, as well as those employed on part-time or fixed term contracts.

    The rate of contribution depends on the individual’s gross salary and other factors such as disability or maternity leave status contribute to the process. The employer pays any applicable social insurance tax based on a percentage of the total contributions made throughout the year.

    In some cases employers may be liable to additional charges if an employee does not meet the minimum contribution requirements. This is known as the ‘non-contributory period’. It can be an indicator to determine if a person is eligible for certain benefits.

    Employers are responsible for issuing insurance policies to their employees for any medical expenses due to illness or injury. These policies provide financial assistance in cases where the individual cannot work due to their condition. This must be purchased by the end of each financial year.

    Employers must also complete all required paperwork. This includes tax returns and declarations on behalf of their employees, to ensure they remain compliant with the SIO scheme regulations. Failing to do so could result in fines or other penalties.

    Finally, employers are also responsible for registering their employees with the SIO and providing proof of contributions when requested. This is necessary to ensure that all individuals are receiving their full entitlement from the scheme. It is also important to keep up-to-date records in case any disputes arise between the parties involved.


    Cyprus’ citizens are entitled to retirement pensions when they reach the qualifying age. Currently the qualifying age is 65 years old for men and 60 years old for women. For the calculation of the pension amount the main factors are: salary history, number of contributions made, and any time spent abroad. To be eligible for a full pension you must have contributed to the SIO scheme minimum 15 years.

    Those who have not contributed long enough will receive an adjusted payment which is lower than the full pension entitlement. Earnings from other sources such as investments or employment can also impact on the amount received each month. Additionally, those between the ages of 55-64 can apply for an early retirement allowance if approved by the SIO.

    People who have contributed for more than 35 years, will have an additional top-up benefit added to the basic amount. For the calculation of the amount there is a sliding scale depending on the contributions made over the course of your working life.

    To apply for a retirement pension you must register with the SIO and submit all relevant documents. For example proof of ID, employment history, salary information, bank details, and any other relevant evidence to support your claim. Once you reach the qualifying age you will receive notification from the SIO regarding your application status. The payments will commence shortly afterwards.

    The Government of Cyprus also provides additional benefits for senior citizens. Some examples are free access to public health care and reduced utility bills. This happens to provide extra support and help those in retirement manage their daily costs of living more easily.


    Social insurance in Cyprus is an essential part of ensuring a secure future for citizens. Employers must make contributions into the scheme on behalf of their employees. They must keep up-to-date records to remain compliant with regulations. is here to offer assistance with understanding and registering for the scheme in Cyprus. We provide the guidance and support needed to make sure everyone has access to the right information.

    It is important for people in Cyprus to be aware of their rights and privileges under social insurance law. This way they are protected in times they become ill or are unable to work due to other circumstances. By understanding the system, we can make sure everyone is able to build a secure future.

    Thank you for reading our article and for any further queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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