Accountants in Limassol

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Accountants in Limassol

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Comprehensive accounting services in Limassol include bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements, and general financial management, essential for the day-to-day operation of businesses.


This service encompasses the management of employee salaries, including calculations, withholdings, and compliance with employment and tax laws, ensuring efficient payroll processing.


Specialized VAT services assist businesses with VAT registration, filing, and compliance. This is crucial for companies to manage their Value Added Tax obligations effectively in Paphos.

Audit and Assurance

Focused on delivering independent, efficient audits, this service in Limassol ensures businesses meet financial reporting standards, providing assurance over the transparency and accuracy of financial statements.

Financial Advisory

Offering strategic advice on financial planning, mergers and acquisitions, and other financial transactions, this service assists Limassol businesses in making informed financial decisions.

Risk Advisory

This service helps businesses identify, assess, and manage financial risks, ensuring they operate within a secure and controlled environment, vital for sustainability and growth.

Tax Planning & Consulting

Expert tax planning and consulting services help businesses in Limassol optimize their tax position, navigate complex tax laws, and strategically plan to reduce tax liabilities.

Tax Compliance

Ensuring businesses adhere to all tax laws and regulations, this service includes preparation and submission of tax returns, and handling of all tax-related matters.

Corporate Services

These services include company formation, secretarial support, and ongoing corporate compliance, providing a one-stop solution for corporate administrative needs in Limassol.

Accountants in Limassol

In Limassol, a bustling hub of commerce in Cyprus, the demand for skilled accountants is on the rise. Known for its vibrant business environment, this city is home to numerous proficient accountants in Limassol, who offer a range of essential services. 

Accounting in Limassol

Accounting firms in Limassol are integral to the financial health of local and international businesses. Whether it’s a start-up seeking guidance or a multinational in need of comprehensive services, an accounting firm in Limassol provides tailored solutions.

Additionally, an audit firm in Limassol stands out for its thorough and meticulous approach, ensuring businesses not only comply with regulations but also optimize their financial strategies.

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